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Medium frequency induction heating equipment

medium frequency induction heating machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which adopts electromagnetic principle to heat production. It can realize high efficiency, stability, intelligence and energy saving. It is widely used in mining machinery, railway transportation, petroleum machinery, automobile manufacturing, wind power machinery and other industries.


1、 If Induction heating machine is free to choose, the manufacturer’s one-stop independent service is more intimate

Looking for, metal induction hardening furnace model selection is always uncertain, whether, you also have such a problem, don’t worry, here are YUANTUO electromechanical induction heating equipment models more comprehensive, can choose freely, the manufacturer’s one-stop independent service is more intimate.

YUANTUO electromechanical develops and produces steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe heating equipment, billet induction reheating machine, steel bar heating equipment and steel plate heating equipment according to the commonly used metal steel products in the market; in addition, the manufacturer will provide one-to-one Butler type selection scheme for users, and there will be professional personnel to cooperate with users to guide the equipment selection, so that you can easily choose the induction heating equipment suitable for you Thermal equipment.

The above models are just the regular models of manufacturers. If users have other requirements, they can also call us at any time. The manufacturer will make your own medium frequency induction heating equipment model according to your needs.

2、 Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment affordable, worry free purchase income more satisfied

The medium frequency induction heating equipment is provided by red star machine, because the manufacturer always starts from the customer’s point of view, everything is for the customer, the profit of single equipment is not high, so the price itself is more cost-effective; in addition, the workshop has strict and scientific production standards to reduce the unnecessary cost of materials, labor, time, etc., under the same quality, the cost of the equipment is more economical The unit price is more favorable.

3、induction heating equipment manufacturer environmental protection standards, processing effect is more satisfactory

Because it is made with ingenuity and combined with domestic market and foreign technology, the performance of medium frequency induction heating equipment will be more reliable, environmental protection can fully meet the standard, basically achieve less pollution emission, and the quality of metal steel products is excellent, without oxide scale, burning loss and decarbonization, which is helpful to improve the return on investment of users.

If you are interested in this medium frequency induction hardening furnace, you are welcome to inquire and understand at any time, recognize YUANTUO Electromechanical, environmental protection, efficient and complete.

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