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Medium frequency induction heating equipment for steel pipe

medium frequency electric furnace of the steel pipe is more and more concerned, and the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is an electromagnetic induction heating device for heating, quenching, tempering and heat treatment of metal the market technology is more advanced, the energy-saving and environment-friendly and the production effiicency is high, What’s the characteristic of the following remote-to-electric machine for you to introduce how much money the steel pipe heating equipment is?

The characteristics of medium frequency induction heating equipment of steel pipe are as follows:

1. The medium frequency induction heating equipment of steel pipe has the advantages of high power, low frequency, good heat permeability, low power consumption and independent cooling system.

2, the induction heating equipment of steel pipe works continuously at the maximum power for 24 hours, which improves the performance and quality of the induction heating equipment;

3, it has the function of recording time, heating time, holding time, digital setting, heating current, heat preservation current, separate adjustment;

4, the medium frequency heating equipment of steel pipe has constant current. The constant power control function improves the heating efficiency, the heating speed is fast, the workpiece surface heating is uniform, the energy consumption is only 20% ≤ 50% of the high frequency of the electron tube, the energy saving effect is achieved.

5, no open fire, no pollution and no noise meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection, greatly enhance the image of the enterprise.

6, steel pipe medium frequency induction heating equipment fault self-diagnosis, overcurrent, overpressure, underheating, lack of phase and other multiple protection and display;

7. Inductor induction heating equipment can be equipped with infrared temperature measuring instrument to realize automatic temperature control, improve heating quality and simplify personnel operation.

8, heating speed is fast, heating is uniform, oxidation decarbonization is less.



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