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Medium Frequency quenching equipment and Auxiliary equipment for Induction heating Surface

The Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment (including auxiliary equipment, such as quenching machine)on the induction heating surface of parts varies with the technical requirements and quenching method of the parts. It is common to add a quenching ring for spraying cooling medium to the induction heating coil, i.e. water spraying ring, and the automatic control equipment shall be used on the pipeline of large-scale production.

the induction heating surface quenching auxiliary device is required to be provided with an auxiliary device (quenching machine tool) suitable for size when the surface quenching of the induction heating surface is required for mass production of various mechanical parts, A higher production efficiency can be obtained by matching an inductor with a reasonable structure. The quenching machine tool makes the part difficult to bend and deform during the quenching process, and the medium-frequency quenching device accurately controls the speed of the part through the inductor so as to obtain the ideal surface hardening layer depth. The DC motor is used as the power of turning and lifting, and the heated parts (shaft and long rod).

With the different methods used, the quenching machine tool is also different. When the flame nozzle and continuous heating quenching are used, the jet quenching head of the jet cooling medium (such as water) is generally attached to the flame nozzle. The cooling medium is sprayed onto the surface of the heated part at a certain angle to quench and harden it. This device is a quenching machine. In order to effectively control the flow and flow rate of fuel and combustion-supporting agent, and to ensure the smooth operation, the company should be equipped with necessary pressure regulator, Flowmeter, valve, gas mixer and so on. The medium frequency quenching furnace produced by Hengyuan electric furnace is mainly used for surface heat treatment of shaft, gear and roll mechanical parts. The equipment is universal, suitable for single piece and batch production, and can meet all kinds of technological requirements.

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