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Medium frequency round steel induction heating furnace

We are a professional induction heating equipment manufacturer, quality, service, price, worthy of your trust. You can visit the factory at any time to investigate the on-site operation of medium frequency round steel heating furnace. There are successful cases in different regions in China. You can visit and learn at any time.

The advantages of medium frequency round steel furnace are as follows

1. Less oxidative decarburization: heat is generated inside the heated workpiece, with fast heating speed, high efficiency, less oxidative decarburization on the surface of workpiece, which can save a lot of raw materials.

2. Uniform heating temperature and no pollution: the air-cooled variable-frequency power supply can directly and accurately detect the change of load current, realize the closed-loop control of output power, and maintain constant output power and stable temperature even if the external voltage fluctuates.

3. High degree of automation of round steel induction heating furnace: high degree of intelligent power supply, accurate temperature adjustment, frequency conversion automatic tracking, variable load adaptive, power automatic adjustment and other intelligent advantages. The medium frequency round steel heating furnace can be started with one key, and the heating work can be completed automatically without personnel on duty.

4. Continuous automatic production: steel products of different specifications and varieties are frequently replaced to adapt to different production processes. No personnel adjustment is required after frequency conversion and load change. The whole line emptying and process adjustment are simple and fast to meet the needs of medium and large batch production.


FOREVER mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has made continuous progress and industrial upgrading in the medium frequency round steel heating furnace technology. The medium frequency round steel heating furnace is an intelligent induction heating equipment in the new era, which can help you break the restrictions, intelligent operation, high work efficiency, adapt to various complex working environments, and save a lot of investment costs


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