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Metal forging process!

 intermediate frequency forging equipment, this is every metal workpiece needs to be carried out, metal forging process is used in metal forming, after forging treatment, so that the metal workpiece to meet the requirements of the shape and size of the user, in order to put into production, the following is the whole process of forging process.


1. Hot forging: the forging process carried out above the recrystallizing temperature of the metal is called hot forging. In the process of deformation, cold deformation strengthening and recrystallizing exist at the same time, which belongs to dynamic recrystallizing.

2. Cold forging: the forging process carried out at room temperature is called cold forging. Cold forging can avoid the defects of metal heating, obtain high accuracy and surface quality, and improve the strength and hardness of the workpiece. However, the deformation resistance of cold forging is large, so it is necessary to use large tonnage equipment, and it is necessary to increase recrystallizing annealing and other auxiliary processes when deformation is repeated. At present, cold forging is mainly limited to the processing of thin and small parts of low carbon steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

3. Warm forging: the forging process carried out above room temperature and below the recrystallizing temperature is called warm forging. Compared with hot forging, the oxidation decarbonization of billet is less, which is beneficial to improve the precision and surface quality of workpiece, and compared with cold forging, the deformation resistance decreases and the plasticity increases, so it generally does not need pre-annealing, surface treatment and inter-process annealing. Warm forging is suitable for high carbon steel, medium and high alloy steel, bearing steel, stainless steel and so on.

4. Isothermal forging: in the whole process of forging, the forging method whose temperature remains constant is called Isothermal forging.

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