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The quality of metal work-piece is directly related to the working performance of Induction heating machine. The excellent Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace can lay a solid foundation for the work of metal work-piece. The working performance of the whole medium frequency heating equipment production line is more stable. It can be said that the selection of induction heating equipment is directly related to the processing quality of metal work-piece. Good intermediate frequency heating equipment has good durability and advanced technology, which is helpful to the production of excellent quality metal work-piece.

1. Good material selection, excellent quality due to special working nature, induction heating equipment working equipment, in the production process will appear different degrees of wear, serious equipment will fail and scrap, if the equipment material selection clearance, then in the actual production, especially in the later production, the wear consumption of metal heat treatment equipment slows down, the failure rate is obviously lower than that of inferior material selection equipment, and the effective working cycle is longer. The comprehensive production benefit is higher;

2. Advanced technology and better quality represent the work strength of the whole production line. Taking Yuantian Electromechanical as an example, we invest a lot of effort in technology research and development every year, and set up a professional technology R & D team, and have also established a good cooperative relationship with major colleges and universities. There is no shortage of highly educated high-quality talents and strong technical reserves, so that we can maintain the continuous renewal of new technology. Let our users enjoy new technology at all times;

3, the right model selection, the production of more economical intermediate frequency heating equipment construction, need the cooperation between different equipment, the selection is very important to the model, according to the production environment, the production requirements are different, the equipment model needs to be adapted to local conditions, tailor-made production scheme, for users with special production requirements, in the case that the existing induction heating equipment model can not meet the requirements, we can consider customizing the equipment model, Among the many users, a considerable number of users will choose tailor-made business, one is that the model is suitable, the environment adaptability is stronger, the work is more stable, the other is that the comprehensive production performance is more coordinated, the matching degree between different production links is higher, and the induction heating equipment with stable production will be established together.

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