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Metal heating is more recommended for induction heating equipment. Do you know why?

metal surface heat treatment furnace is an indispensable heating equipment in heat treatment plant. Whether induction heating furnace is environmentally friendly, energy saving and so on makes users pay close attention to it. Under the premise of ensuring environmental protection and energy saving, how to maintain the efficient and stable operation of the equipment, as well as more durable parts and longer life, is what every heat treatment plant user pursues, and it is also a new standard that manufacturers urgently need to achieve.

In order to meet the market and meet the needs of users, a new intelligent and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment has emerged. The heat is generated from the metal work-piece in a non-contact form by electric heating. This medium frequency metal heating furnace is developed and designed by Yuantuo electromechanical manufacturers. After testing, all the indexes can reach the standard and make users more trusted. At present, it has been favored and affirmed by users at home and abroad.

After professional test, both the core components and the functions of the equipment are up to standard, and the performance is very good, the core parts are strong and durable, the service life is long, the daily operation is flexible and convenient, the fault is few, and has many bright spots, such as high efficiency, high yield, energy saving, environmental protection, good finished product effect and so on. The comprehensive situation of intermediate frequency metal heating equipment is very good, in line with the modern heat treatment plant demand equipment standard.

After heavy and strict testing, all the core parts of the medium frequency quenching equipment are up to standard, and the environmental protection ability is strong, which accords with the green heat treatment standard, at the same time, the durability is high, the equipment life is longer, the failure rate is low; in addition, the metal heat treatment furnace runs smoothly, can operate continuously 24 hours a day without hindrance, the heating work-piece temperature is uniform, the core table temperature is consistent, and the overall quality is higher. Have higher value in the market. Only solid equipment quality, as well as excellent equipment performance, can make users more reliable. Yuantuo electromechanical medium frequency metal heating furnace has spread all over the domestic cities of heat treatment plants, but also by a number of foreign user friends love and recognition, its energy saving, environmental protection, efficient, durable working characteristics, to create higher economic benefits for heat treatment manufacturers!

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Post time: 07-17-2019