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Metal heating, use induction heating equipment!

In the field of heat treatment,Induction heating machine has become a new type of  induction heat treatment machine, and has been favored by the majority of heat treatment manufacturers. Because of its multifunctional performance advantages, such as digital control, electric energy environmental protection production, automatic detection safety system and so on, it has been sought after by manufacturers. If you are still worried about environmental protection, use induction heating equipment, if you are still worried about inefficiency, use induction heating equipment, if it is the price, do not worry!

First, the price of induction heating equipment is a non-standard custom product, so what is the price of induction heating equipment? There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s up to you! The manufacturer needs to customize the production according to the shape, size, process requirements and output requirements of the user and quote for free. Because of the different production requirements of users and the different production schemes customized by manufacturers, manufacturers provide a variety of optional accessories for users to choose from, and create different exclusive heating equipment. And because different metal heat treatment furnace brand, different configuration scheme, equipment accessories different quality and so on will cause equipment price differences, so before the purchase of induction heating equipment must not forget the ratio of goods to three!

Second, the induction heating equipment adopts the electromagnetic induction principle used in the induction heating equipment to heat treat the metal work-piece, and the electric energy belongs to the environmental protection energy, so the induction heating equipment does not want to produce open fire, waste gas, waste smoke, heat wave and dust and other pollutants in the production process, so as to realize the environmental protection production in the production of flame furnace, gas furnace and other traditional metal heating equipment. Users are no longer worried about the pollution of enterprises, production worry-free.

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