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Metal steel bar induction heating machine.

What equipment does the  bar induction heating furnace use to heat it? induction heating furnace is the best choice, it adopts electromagnetic principle heating, heat is directly produced in the metal work-piece in the form of non-contact through the inductor, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, has a high production efficiency, and because of electric energy heating, there will be no waste gas smoke and dust pollution in the production process to achieve environmental protection, high efficiency and energy-saving production.

Induction heating equipment manufacturer In summary, the above two points must be ensured when the manufacturer is selected, so that the quality of the intermediate frequency heating equipment produced by the manufacturer is excellent, the price is low, the later use of the user is more comfortable, and the problems of operation, maintenance and the like are not needed. In fact, the standard-compliant manufacturers have a lot, but this article is to introduce you to the Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical manufacturer, this is a comprehensive strength, the word of mouth is very good manufacturers, in the heat treatment equipment production industry all the way to the world, experience, technical expertise, Can provide more models, more quality and better service to the induction heating equipment.

How much is the price of induction heating equipment How much is the price of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment? Want to know the friend of this question, how much do you know about the price of the device? Whether the price influence factor of the equipment is understood, such as material, technology, manufacturer, etc.; or is the reason for knowing the difference of the equipment quotation given by each manufacturer?


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