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Metallic heat treatment equipment acquired the old legal party.

Induction heating machine If the metal surface heat treatment is to obtain higher furnace age, the following points shall be made:

1) Refractory with good performance, pure composition and reasonable particle size ratio should be selected.

2) check whether the coil is damaged before laying the furnace, cover the insulation board, stainless alarm network, insulation board and so on.

3) it is necessary to select the furnace construction tools, do a good job in the preparation work before the furnace construction, control the feeding amount and tamping time of each layer, avoid foreign bodies falling into the furnace, and obtain as strong and clean crucible as possible.

4) the heating speed of the oven should be paid attention to ensure that the water vapor of the lining sand is slow and completely discharged, and the heating speed or heat preservation should be reduced during the quartz phase transformation so that it can change slowly until the complete phase transition.

5) do a good job of furnace technology, as far as possible to avoid its defects.

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