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Methods to reduce and control heat treatment deformation of metals!

In the process of metal surface heat treatment, the failure of workpiece processing due to various factors, such as workpiece deformation, affects the quality and performance of metal steel. If it is serious, it can not even be used, and the waste phenomenon is serious.


There are many ways to reduce and control heat treatment deformation:

(1) reasonable arrangement of parts structure. As far as possible, the thickness and thickness of workpiece should be reduced and the section of parts should be uniform, the symmetry of structure and material composition and organization should be maintained as far as possible, and the method of reserving machining quantity should be adopted for non-uniform thickness parts.

(2) the control of heat treatment temperature. When the process temperature is lowered, the loss of high temperature strength of the workpiece is small and the plastic resistance is enhanced, so that the comprehensive ability of the workpiece to resist stress deformation, quench deformation and high temperature creep resistance is enhanced, thus reducing the deformation.

(3) use reasonable cooling method. The cooling capacity of the oil is also critical to deformation. The stirring mode and speed of quenching affect the deformation. The faster the cooling rate of the metal heat treatment is, the more inhomogeneous the cooling is, the greater the stress is and the greater the deformation is.

(4) to control the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace. Increasing the temperature uniformity of the furnace, especially ensuring the temperature uniformity of the workpiece during the heating stage, will help to reduce the deformation. The parts placed in different positions should be heated up at the same speed, and the key to control deformation is to reach the process temperature at the same time, so that the deformation divergence can be effectively reduced.

(5) carry out necessary pre-heat treatment. The workpiece with complex shape, high requirement and easy deformation requires necessary pre-heat treatment to eliminate reticulated carbides and coarse grains.

(6) to formulate a reasonable heat treatment process. Control heating speed and adopt reasonable quenching method.

(7) correctly master the operation method of heat treatment. The workpiece shall be quenched with minimal resistance and the cooling speed shall be uniform throughout the workpiece.


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