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Methods to reduce and control metal heat treatment deformation!

In   metal heat treatment  processing, because of various factors, such as work-piece deformation, affecting the quality and properties of metal steel, if it is serious, it can not even be used, and the waste phenomenon is serious.

There are many ways to reduce and control heat treatment deformation:

1 reasonable arrangement of part structure. The thickness disparity of the work-piece should be reduced as much as possible, the cross section of the parts should be uniform, the symmetry of the structure and material composition and micro-structure should be kept as far as possible, and the method of reserved machining quantity should be adopted for the uneven thickness parts.

2. Control of heat treatment temperature. When the process temperature is reduced, the high temperature strength loss of the work-piece is small and the plastic resistance is enhanced, so that the comprehensive ability of stress deformation resistance, quenching deformation resistance and high temperature creep resistance of the work-piece is enhanced, thus reducing the deformation.

3. reasonable cooling method is used. The cooling capacity of oil is also very important for deformation. The stirring mode and speed of quenching affect the deformation. The faster the cooling rate of metal heat treatment is, the more uneven the cooling is, the greater the stress and deformation are.

4. Control the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace. . Improving the uniformity of furnace temperature, especially ensuring the temperature uniformity of work-piece heating stage, will help to reduce deformation;Parts placed at different positions should be heated at the same speed, and reaching the process temperature at the same time is the key to control the deformation, which can effectively reduce the deformation dispersion. . .

5. Perform necessary preheat treatment. . The work-piece with complex shape, high requirements and easy to produce deformation shall be subject to necessary preheat treatment to eliminate mesh carbide and coarse grain. . .

6.Formulate reasonable heat treatment process. . Control the heating speed and adopt reasonable quenching mode.

Any change of factors affects the deformation degree more or less, and only under a certain condition can the main and secondary factors affect the deformation. When choosing specific measures to prevent heat treatment deformation, specific methods should be worked out according to the specific situation.


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