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New Induction heating Furnace Technology, inexhaustible motive Force of Enterprise Development

Yuantuo Electromechanical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. induction heating equipment, quenching heat treatment equipment, induction heating furnace, forging diathermy equipment, conditioning heat treatment production line professional production suppliers, new induction heating furnace technology, to promote the continuous development of enterprises, In the process of economic development in our country, Yuantian electromechanical actively creates a better development environment and realizes the innovation of R & D, technology, products and equipment. Because Yuantuo knows that only continuous innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises.

Remote extension electromechanical induction heating furnace, induction heating equipment to fundamentally realize innovation, constantly open up application fields, so that intelligent environmental protection sucker rod quenching heat treatment equipment, billet heating furnace, threaded steel conditioning equipment, steel rod heating equipment, Steel pipe heating equipment, steel bar heating equipment, threaded steel heating equipment, metal forming induction heating equipment, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, steel bar heat treatment furnace and so on are used in more fields.

Induction heating furnace new technology, intelligent innovation, temperature measurement device using the international brand American Leitai non-contact two-color infrared thermometer, can be suitable for dust and smoke and other harsh environment temperature measurement. Equipped with temperature display and a variety of output interfaces for printers or recording instruments. There is a temperature display on the external control panel, which has the characteristics of high precision, good reliability, strong resistance to environmental impact and so on. When the measuring temperature exceeds the set value, the sound and light alarm function. PLC touch screen remote control console has a specially customized man-machine interface, the interface is very friendly, the programming is very intuitive, induction heating furnace, quenching heat treatment equipment, The operation of quenched and tempered heat treatment production line is more safe and reliable. Full digital, high depth adjustable parameters that can be switched according to the language of different countries


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