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Non-standard oil drill pipe heat treatment induction line

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a professional provider of oil casing heat treatment equipment, tailors suitable Oil drill pipe heat treatment machine according to the actual process needs and investment intentions of users. Purchasing intermediate frequency induction heating equipment Forever Electromechanical is your ideal choice.

The oil casing heat treatment equipment is a non-standard product. According to user needs, we can design and produce a perfect technical solution for induction heat treatment equipment to meet your satisfaction.

The advantages of Oil pipe hardening and tempering furnace include:

→Specially customized human-machine interface with highly user-friendly operation instructions.

→ Fully automated mechanical design and intelligent production process of oil pipe heat treatment equipment.

→ Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency, and good process repeatability.

→ The oil pipe heat treatment equipment meets environmental requirements, has low pollution, and high production efficiency.

→ Closed loop temperature control, uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, ensuring small temperature difference on the heating core surface.

→ The sensor body of the oil pipe heat treatment equipment can be disassembled and replaced easily and conveniently.

→ The Oil casing heat treament furnace has the control function of constant power and constant current, which greatly improves the efficiency and speed of heating, and optimizes the heating process of metal workpieces.



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