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Oil drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace

Forever Electromechanical provides users with excellent solutions and quotations for oil drill pipe hardening and tempering furnace for free. We have many years of experience in the design, process, manufacturing, and management of drill pipe quenching and tempering production lines

Experience and Practice. The drill pipe tempering production line is fully touchscreen controlled, with induction heating equipment featuring high efficiency, energy conservation, uniform heating, and low power consumption.


The oil drill pipe hardening and tempering line consists of a thyristor medium frequency power supply, an online annealing inductor/mechanical adjustment mechanism, a switch cabinet, and a comprehensive operating platform.

1) Single machine power and frequency: 160-750KW, 1-3KHZ

2) Thyristor medium frequency power supply: Single chip microcomputer control, voltage and current double “PI” ring regulation, slot circuit using tuned full film capacitors and load matching efficient energy-saving insulation transformer

3) Online annealing inductor/mechanical adjustment mechanism: composed of planar inductor with magnetic conductive material, mechanical adjustment mechanism, capacitor cabinet, etc.

4) Switch cabinet: composed of an isolation switch, a double release DW17 automatic air switch, and a power grid isolation and step-up rectifier transformer.

5) Comprehensive operation console: Start/stop control of medium frequency power supply, temperature control of drill pipe tempering, and recording and filing functions.

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