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Performance advantages of Induction heating equipment in Cangzhou, Hebei Province

Induction heating machine is a kind of high-efficiency heating equipment, which adopts intermediate frequency current for processing. It is widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind turbine machinery, railway transportation, petroleum machinery and other industries. This article mainly introduces the performance advantages of Induction electric furnace. . Hebei Cangzhou induction heating equipment has the advantages of performance, strong adaptability and flexible configuration. The induction heating equipment adopts the electromechanical integration structure design, which can be operated independently by a single unit, or the production line can be formed online with other mechanical equipment according to the user’s production requirements. The manufacturer shall configure the induction heating equipment according to the user’s production requirements to meet the user’s personalized production requirements.

Second, the production capacity is strong. The intermediate frequency heating furnace has high production capacity, the load rate is as high as 99%, and the continuous operation is realized 24 hours a day in the production process, which meets the high output requirements of users. At the same time, the thermal efficiency of induction heating equipment is as high as 95%, the heating speed is fast, the time is short, and the processing quality is high, which meets the high quality processing needs of users.

Third, the performance is reliable and the maintenance is convenient. Induction heating equipment has high heating efficiency, versatility, excellent processing product quality, light and reasonable structure design, good processing performance, and reliable and stable quality assurance, which has established a good quality reputation for the majority of new and old customers. Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment not only has mature technology, but also has good adaptability, safety and reliability to operation speed, heating temperature and machining quality. And the operation and maintenance is simple and easy, thus effectively saving downtime.


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