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Performance characteristics of steel pipe annealing furnace

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Performance characteristics of Steel pipe annealing furnace:

1. The control system of the steel pipe annealing furnace adopts PLC control, which has fast dynamic response, high temperature control, strong programming function, and highly user-friendly operation instructions.

2. The monitoring system provides a human-machine interface, real-time display of the system’s working status, adjustable parameters, and simple operation.

3. The cooling method of the steel pipe annealing furnace adopts an advanced and feasible heat pipe self cooling method, which has high cooling efficiency and can operate effectively, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

4. The medium frequency Steel pipe induction annealing system adopts a closed-loop temperature control system, which is composed of a Raytheon infrared thermometer from the United States and a Siemens S7 from Germany.

5. The annealed steel pipe has no bending, deformation, or cracks.

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