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Power consumption of induction heating equipment for steel billets

What is the approximate power consumption of the medium frequency Billet induction heating equipment ! This is closely related to the production efficiency that many users who want to choose enough heating equipment for steel billets are concerned about.

The power consumption of the equipment depends on the temperature and size of the heated workpiece, as well as the steel billet heating furnace, which is mainly used for pre rolling heating of cold billets and temperature compensation for continuous casting steel billets. Due to the relatively high power of large-scale cold billet heating equipment, the required transformer capacity for power supply will be large, and the energy-saving effect is unclear. When used for heating steel billets, as only surface heating can meet the rolling requirements, the energy-saving effect is very obvious. Therefore, induction heating furnaces for steel billets are mostly used for heating steel billets.

The entire Medium frequency heating equipment for billet mainly consists of a high-power fully digital variable frequency power supply, induction heating coils, variable frequency feeding system, and cooling circulation system.

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Billet induction heating machine adopts electromagnetic induction heating technology, infrared temperature measurement feedback, and remote intelligent control system, which has the characteristics of fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization, high temperature control accuracy, real-time monitoring of production situation, and easy digital automatic operation.

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