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Price of induction heating equipment

Induction heating equipment is a new type of metal Induction heating machine in the field of heat treatment. Intermediate frequency heating equipment is more excellent in wear resistance, pressure resistance and whole mechanism. Metal heat treatment furnace can heat many kinds of metal work-piece, such as steel bar, steel pipe, billet, steel bar, steel plate and so on. About induction heating equipment, people pay more attention to quality and price, and price is easy for users to obtain. However, to understand the price of induction heating equipment, we must first understand a few problems.

1. How much is the price to see the price of different types of induction heating equipment with different models and sizes depends on which model is purchased, different types of metal heat treatment furnaces have different power sizes, and the production efficiency is different, and the production yield of the medium-frequency heating equipment with large power is higher, The price of the metal heat treatment furnace is more expensive and the price of the small-power metal heat treatment furnace is relatively cheap. the user wants to know the specific price problem and also needs to determine the purchase model, if the model of the induction heating device is not well understood, the processing requirement of the user can be summarized, such as the processing temperature requirement, the production efficiency requirement, and the like, The professional manufacturer will configure the appropriate model of intermediate frequency heating equipment for the user, and then quote.

2, the price depends on where to buy-different regional prices are different because geographical and price factors are important factors affecting the quotation of induction heating equipment manufacturers, so to buy the same size of induction heating equipment in different regions, the quotation given by the manufacturer may vary a lot, so to understand the price of intermediate frequency heating equipment, it depends on where you intend to buy it. For example, induction heating equipment in Shanghai is generally more expensive than that in Hebei Province, which is the result of regional and price effects. The labor cost is an important part of the manufacturing cost of metal heat treatment furnace, and the low price of induction heating equipment in Hebei is also due to the low labor cost.

3, the price depends on the specific configuration-the complete set purchase is more cost-effective to understand the price of induction heating equipment, but also depends on the configuration situation, the complete set purchase is more cost-effective than a single purchase, after all, the intermediate frequency heating equipment is no longer a whole production line is no longer as simple as a single furnace body, a single equipment purchase, in the configuration of metal heat treatment furnace, we should also consider the overall coordination, so it is recommended that users buy a complete set of purchases.

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