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Principle of Induction quenching and Common quenching methods

What is Quenching furnace? Induction quenching is a way of heat treatment, which heats metal workpiece and then quenches it by induction heating. The quenched metal is transformed by martensite, which increases the hardness and rigidity of the workpiece. Induction quenching is used to harden parts or components without affecting the overall performance of the components.

Common quenching methods include: integral hardening quenching in the whole hardening system, the workpiece is static or rotated in the sensor, and the whole area to be processed is heated at the same time, followed by rapid cooling. In the absence of other methods that will achieve the desired results, one-off hardening is usually used, such as plane hardening for hammers, tools for edge hardening complex shapes, or the production of small and medium-sized gears.

Scan hardening in the scan hardening system, the workpiece gradually passes through the inductor and uses rapid cooling. Scanning hardening is widely used in shaft, excavator bucket, steering parts, power shaft and drive shaft, etc. The workpiece passes through the annular sensor to produce a moving tropical zone, quenching to produce a hardened surface layer. By changing the speed and power, the axis can be hardened along the entire length or only in a specific area, and the hardened shaft with a step with diameter or splines can also be made.

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