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Production process flow of hot-rolled steel thread production line

We sincerely recommend Hebei Forever Machinery as a professional manufacturer for the hot-rolled production line of threaded steel. After treatment, the performance of the steel can be changed, and the material can be greatly adjusted. The threaded steel hot-rolled production line adopts advanced PLC fully automatic intelligent control program, making the medium frequency induction heating equipment more efficient in the production process. The thread bar induction heat treatment line produced by Forever Machinery is green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and has high configuration!

Production process flow of Deformed bar heat treatment machine :

1. The bending requirement of threaded steel bars: The bending degree of the steel bars should not exceed 4mm per meter, and the total bending degree should not exceed 0.4% of the total length of the steel bars.

2. Temperature deviation: The range of temperature fluctuation in the quenching section is 10 ℃, while the range of temperature fluctuation in the tempering section is 10 ℃

3. The overall performance of the same threaded steel after treatment should be uniform, and the deviation between the overall yield strength and tensile strength should not exceed 20ma.

4. The accessory manufacturer of this quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment is a well-known manufacturer designated by the steel mill.


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