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Production steel tube annealing furnace

Steel pipe is divided into stainless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, thick-wall steel pipe and other different types. Steel pipe is widely used in petroleum transportation, engineering structure, mechanical manufacturing, geological drilling, high pressure equipment, petrochemical and thermal equipment and so on. The demand of steel pipe is large, there are many application fields, and the performance requirements of steel pipe are not low. We can provide steel pipe performance and improve the competitiveness of Annealing furnace for steel tube

The full set of equipment for electric heating furnace of steel pipe lists “if the work wants to do well, it must take advantage of the device”. Before realizing the higher value of steel pipe, customers should first select a set of full set of steel pipe annealing furnace with good quality and good performance. The whole set of equipment of general steel pipe electric heating furnace mainly includes:

1, intermediate frequency power supply: it is the main part of induction heating equipment, its structure is simple, the power is large, the labor rate is strong, the workpiece heating is uniform, and there is little damage. It can not be used in the electric heating furnace of steel pipe.

2. Induction heating system: it is the main part of steel pipe annealing furnace, which has low cost, sealing design, no dust, no noise pollution, more high yield, high efficiency, rapid replacement design, convenient and simple production;

3. Transportation system: it is the component of steel pipe electric heating furnace used to transport workpiece, its structure design is more unique, generally has the characteristics of low cost, high transmission rate, high lifting height, stable operation, long service life and so on. Control system: the steel pipe annealing furnace adopts PLC and industrial control computer to control the whole set of equipment, which can ensure that the workpiece fed into the induction heating equipment is uniformly heated and the production is efficient.

4.At the same time, the equipment itself also has the advantages of low noise and so on. Intermediate frequency power supply, induction heating system, transportation system and control system are the main components of steel pipe annealing furnace, but there are still some original accessories of induction heating equipment, such as far infrared thermometer, capacitance cabinet, transformer and so on.

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