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Do one thing, insist that ten years is professional, insist on 20 years is craftsmanship, far extension electromechanical focus on Induction heating machine for 20 years, is not only professional, but exquisite, not only craftsman, but craftsman. With the rapid development of mechanical manufacturing, the demand for induction heating equipment is also increasing. Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is a special heat treatment equipment for metal workpieces, which improves the strength, hardness and wear resistance of metal workpieces, and is better used in the market. Yuantuo electromechanical has rich experience in the research and development of induction heating equipment and production. During the past 20 years, it has continuously introduced advanced production technology, visited the production site of users, combined with the actual production environment and needs of users, to produce sand washing machines that meet the needs of users. Only professional, can achieve quality, Yuantian electromechanical has been tiring, serious products, the quality of induction heating equipment is safe and reliable, simple operation, high production efficiency, can be quickly rewarded. And Yuantian electromechanical Induction electric furnace types, specifications, users come to consult, purchase, do not return empty-handed, because Yuantian electromechanical also supports tailor-made services, so that you are satisfied.

Intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is a popular equipment in the market, this output can meet the daily production needs of most users. The intermediate frequency heating furnace provided by Yuantong electromechanical has a very high user evaluation rate, mainly because:

1, the application field of induction heating equipment is wide. It is widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation and other industries, providing high quality metal materials for industrial development.

2, the equipment energy saving and environmental protection. The structure of induction heating equipment is simple, the operation is convenient, the operation is stable, and the maintenance in the later stage is also relatively simple. The equipment in the processing process is more convenient, fast, and work more water, electricity, fuel saving, is an efficient, energy-saving, environment-friendly intermediate frequency heating equipment.

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