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Protection of Metal Surface Heat treatment Furnace

The main structure of metal surface Induction heating machine is oscillatory part, output transformer, feeder and heating induction ring. Because there is a strong alternating current passing through the transformer, feeder and heating induction ring of the equipment, a strong magnetic field and the induced electric field excited by it are generated around it. The equipment itself is a strong high frequency system, and there is a certain alternating electrostatic field in the near region. Therefore, it can be seen that the sanitary protection of metal surface heat treatment furnace is mainly to protect the alternating magnetic field and electrostatic field in the near region.

The metal surface heat treatment furnace used at present is a manual operation, and the strong field around the working position around the induction coil is in excess of the current health regulations. The question of health protection must be taken into account; in addition to ground well, The protection of the alternating magnetic means is to be shielded with a closed metal conducting housing circuit. This is because the magnetic field generated by the induced current generated by the closed circuit reduces the original alternating magnetic field. In particular, the transformer must be placed in the casing when the equipment is produced. However, some of the existing equipment and transformers have a great influence on the staff outside the case.

The personnel who use the metal surface heat treatment furnace should not use microwave protective clothing, because the microwave jacket is worn on the body, the body part does not form a closed loop, can not produce induction current, only has some effect on the electrostatic field. If some units have bought microwave protective clothing, they can combine buttons and buttonholes to have good contact with electricity, which is equivalent to a closed loop on the cross section of the human body, and the shielding effect is greatly enhanced.


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