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Quality induction preheating furnace supplier

Quality induction preheating furnace supplier


YuanTuo’s induction preheating furnace has a long history of supplying induction preheating furnace  for forging for a variety of applications throughout the foundry industry. We pride ourselves on supplying the most reliable, durable and efficient induction preheating furnace for forging available to the industry today. Our line of induction preheating furnace range in capacity from 100KW to 8000KW.

YuanTuo’s induction preheating furnace Features:

1. 100% continuous duty cycle–24 hours working ability under full load.

2. With constant current/ constant power control ability.

3. Digital display of output power, current, frequency.

4. High induction heating efficiency.

5. The heating time and heating temperature is available to control.


1. Metal preheating. Mainly for  Steel,Aluminum, Copper, steel, etc.

2. Large rods diathermy or partial heating.

3. Steel bar, steel pipe ,shaft, axle hardening or annealing.

In the process of induction preheating furnace for work piece, there is no contact between the induction heater and work piece, and neither are there any combustion gases. The work piece to be heated can be located in a setting isolated from the power supply; submerged in a liquid, covered by isolated substances, in gaseous atmospheres or even in a vacuum. So the best way to heat the work piece is using induction heating technology with  induction heating equipment.

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Post time: 08-19-2016