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Quality is the foundation of induction heating equipment, but service can not be ignored

With the rapid development of the induction heating equipmentmarket, more and more induction heating equipment enterprises have been born. With the technology and appearance gap of heat treatment equipment becoming smaller and smaller, the traditional model of relying on single advantages such as product quality and price to win the trust of the market and customers is becoming more and more unsuitable for the current market demand, providing customers with high-quality services before, during and after sales, and planning reliable production line schemes, It has become the focus of induction heating equipment enterprises to enable customers to realize efficient automatic heat treatment production under the conditions of saving time, money and labor.

Of course, the quality of induction heating equipment is fundamental. Strengthening R & D technology investment and ensuring the scientific and technological content of induction heating equipment is the basis for winning the market, which is the first thing that every manufacturer should do. On this basis, high-quality service is the basis of whether the enterprise can rise suddenly. In order to win customers, induction heating equipment enterprises should not only work hard on service and details, but also adapt to the needs of current heat treatment customers, and provide customers with a set of systematic high-quality services, including plant planning, production line scheme design, design, manufacturing and cycle arrangement, feeding, transportation, installation and commissioning, production line assembly management, customer on-site training, regular maintenance, etc, This is the key to determine whether an induction heating equipment enterprise can win the market and whether it has development prospects. It is also the core factor to measure an induction heating equipment manufacturer at present.


Hebei FOREVER electromechanical has a saying: the customer is God. Therefore, FOREVER electromechanical not only pays attention to its product quality, but also pays great attention to service quality. With a responsible attitude towards customers, FOREVER electromechanical will provide you with daily maintenance knowledge of induction heating equipment, hoping to help you successfully solve some common faults. If you encounter problems that cannot be solved in the process of use, you are welcome to call and write for consultation.

It is precisely because FOREVER electromechanical pays attention to service that FOREVER electromechanical induction heating equipment is not only popular at home, but also very popular abroad. Induction heating is exported to Russia, India, Argentina, Myanmar, Serbia, Europe and the United States, and FOREVER electromechanical induction heating equipment is available all over the world.


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Post time: 04-29-2022