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Quenching equipment for rectangular steel pipe

YUANTUO Electromechanical is specialized in producing quenching equipment for rectangular steel pipes, which can provide customers with systematic process development, complete engineering design, equipment manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance, after-sales service, etc. for details of quenching  heat treatment furnace  for rectangular steel pipes, please consult YUANTUO electromechanical technicians, and we will provide reasonable quotation and scheme for quenching production line.

Rectangular Steel pipe quenching production line is an induction heat treatment production line with section size of 40 * 60 * 22mm, length of 6000mm and supporting power supply power of 600kW, which is mainly used for quenching heat treatment of rectangular steel pipe.

Working principle of quenching equipment for rectangular steel pipe:

The rectangular steel pipe is quenched. The heating mode is online continuous heating. The complete production line only needs to hoist the square pipe to the upper material rack by crane, and the other actions are automatically completed by the system under the control of PLC.

The production line is composed of feeding mechanism, feeding structure, quenching induction heating system, quenching spray system, discharge system and main control console; The main console uses German Siemens PLC and Taiwan Huayan industrial control system as the core control part to automatically match and adjust the mechanical operation parameters, quenching parameters and power supply power of the whole system, and display, store and print various parameters.

The induction heating power supply matched with the rectangular steel pipe can be selected by the customer according to the actual situation. In addition, the optional devices of the rectangular steel pipe, such as rectifier press and closed cooling tower, are purchased by the customer, and the supplier provides relevant parameters. If you need, you can consult professional Induction heating equipment technicians for free.



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