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Remote extension Specialty customizes Induction heating Furnace for customer

induction heat treatment furnace is a common heating equipment in the market of metal heating treatment, but the development and upgrading of this ordinary metal heating equipment has an unusual scientific and technological content. Behind this, is Hebei far extension mechanical and electrical manufacturers always unchanged independent innovation concept. More remarkable, in recent years in the market, with the core technology equipment to create a world for China’s intellectual brand strength.

Induction heating furnace for billet

Now, the steel bar heating furnace, the steel tube heating furnace, the steel bar heating furnace, the deformed steel heating furnace, the steel billet heating furnace and the aluminum rod heating furnace are attracting the attention of users and the market. The equipment is based on the innovative technology system, and provides high efficiency and low cost solution for metal heating, and also realizes the low-carbon development criterion of the enterprise environmental protection standard.

As a high-tech enterprise which integrates R & D design, manufacture and perfect service of induction furnace, Hebei Yuantuo Mechatronics has won the attention of many enterprises.


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Post time: 03-29-2019