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Remote induction heating equipment with self-protection function, use rest assured

We specialize in producing Induction heating machine, medium frequency quenching equipment and quenched heat treatment equipment for more than 20 years. Professional engineers design, process and produce induction heating equipment with low power consumption, stable performance and complete protection function.

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The following is a detailed look at the self-protection functions of the induction heating equipment:

1. the lack of phase protection function of the induction heating equipment: when in use, it is necessary to often detect whether the three-phase alternating current is absent in the input, if there is, Then the intermediate frequency induction heating furnace will immediately start the automatic protection function, stop working.

2, over-voltage and under-voltage protection function: to detect the voltage of the power supply frequently, for example, when the voltage is too high or too low, the induction heating device will activate the self-protection function to prevent damage to the parts.

3, over-current protection function: the heating system will protect the over-current cut-off to prevent the induction heating equipment from damaging some components because of the excessive current.

4, induction heating furnace water pressure protection function: if the water pressure of cooling water is too low, the heating furnace will be automatically protected immediately to prevent the destruction of the inductor coil.

5, over-temperature protection function of heating furnace: the temperature of cooling water and radiator should be detected frequently to prevent damage to parts due to excessive temperature.

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