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round bar hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Professional Round bar heat treatment furnace Manufacturer, with a quenching power of IGBT160KW+100KW and a tempering power of IGBT100KW+80KW

This round bar induction heat treatment furnace is mainly used for the spray rate fire and tempering (quenching and tempering) heat treatment production of round steel, steel rods, round rods and other long rod materials with a diameter of 14mm-27mm. The control system of the equipment adopts an advanced PLC+computer control method, which not only increases the automation level of the equipment, but also greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the equipment. As the main controller, PLC can achieve precise control of various parts of the equipment, while industrial control computers provide a more intuitive and convenient human-machine interaction interface, making it convenient for operators to monitor and control the operation of the equipment. In addition, this control system also makes the operation of the equipment simpler, with lower technical requirements for operators, and greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment, improving its stability and reliability.

Overall, this is a round steel induction hardening and tempering equipment that combines the advantages of efficiency, automation, high precision, and high stability, making it very suitable for the heat treatment production of bars.

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Post time: 12-14-2023