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Round steel induction heating forging furnace

Intelligent round steel heating forging medium frequency Induction heating machine, unmanned production + 24-hour online service, welcome to inquire. YUANTUO electromechanical round steel heating forging intermediate frequency furnace adopts IGBT water-cooled induction heating power supply control of YUANTUO electromechanical new technology, with low power consumption and high production efficiency


The main technical parameters of round steel heating forging medium frequency furnace are as follows:

1. Power supply system: igps160-800kw / 0.2-2.5khz.

2. Heating type: round steel, steel bar, stainless steel

3. Main application: used for hot extrusion and forging of round steel and steel bar.

4. Feeding system: timing pushing of cylinder or hydraulic cylinder

5. Discharging system: roller conveying system.

6. Energy conversion: heating per ton of aluminum to 450 ℃ ~ 560 ℃, power consumption 190 ~ 230 degrees.

7. PLC automatic intelligent touch screen control system of medium frequency diathermy furnace human machine interface.

8. The deep control of high-frequency and extension steel heating furnace allows you to adjust the heating depth

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