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Round steel induction heating furnace

Main technical parameters of the medium frequency furnace for  round bar heating furnace:

1. Power supply system: mechatronics integrated 500KW-1250KW/500Hz-4000HZ intelligent intermediate frequency power supply.

2. Heating varieties: carbon steel, alloy steel, high-temperature alloy steel, anti magnetic steel, stainless steel, material, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, etc

3. Main use: Used for hot forging of bars and round steel.

induction medium frequency furnace

4. Feeding system: fully automatic washboard feeding machine.

5. Feeding system: Double clamp pneumatic pressure, continuous feeding, and continuously variable feed speed adjustment.

6. Discharging system: Chain fast conveying system.

7. Sorting system: composed of an infrared thermometer, chain transmission, and guide cylinder.

8. Energy conversion: Heating each ton of steel to 1150C consumes 330 to 360 degrees of electricity.

9. Provide remote operation console with touch screen or industrial computer system according to user needs.

10. Specially customized human-machine interface and highly user-friendly operation pipe heat treatment furnace

11. The fully digital and highly adjustable parameters of the round steel hot forging furnace enable you to control the medium frequency furnace for heating and forging round steel with ease.


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