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round steel induction heating furnace

The complete set of round bar induction heat treatment furnace mainly consists of IGBT medium frequency power supply, induction heater, elastic adjustment pressure roller, infrared temperature measurement system, PLC control system, etc. Mainly used for heating metal workpieces such as round steel, steel bars, round bars, bar materials, and bars before hot rolling. The diameter of heated round steel can reach 15-150mm, the length can reach 2-20m, and the production speed can reach 0.2-16 tons per hour.

The IGBT intermediate frequency power supply in the production line is the main driving force for the operation of the entire round steel heating equipment. It adopts DSP full digital control to achieve frequency conversion adaptation and load variation adaptation.

The induction heater achieves temperature gradient design through variable turn spacing, resulting in higher heating efficiency.

The elastic adjustment pressure roller adjusts the upper and lower pressure rollers to evenly feed round steel bars of different diameters, making the heating of the equipment more uniform.

The infrared temperature measurement system is equipped with an infrared temperature measurement device at the discharge end of the round steel induction hardening and tempering equipment to ensure the discharge temperature, and the temperature difference is controlled within ± 10 ℃.

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