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Secondary heating furnace for steel billets

steel billet induction reheating furnace, also known as steel billet temperature rise and compensation heating equipment.

Working principle: Steel billet heating is achieved through electromagnetic induction heating technology. The control system is programmed and controlled by touch screen and PLC program. The feeding speed and heating temperature settings can be directly inputted on the touch screen.

Selection instructions: Equipped with temperature increase and compensation function; Heat resistant sliders, spacer blocks, continuous casting billets, pipe billets, square steel, square billets, ground bar steel, square steel billets, round billets, stainless steel billets, seamless steel pipe billets, rectangular billets, etc. with a cross-sectional area of 60mm-160mm and a length of 3000mm-1200mm shall be heated before rolling.

steel billet reheating furnace is suitable for: steel bar and strip rolling production in steel mills.

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