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Sell the bar induction heating system

Sell the bar induction heating system

Bar Induction Heating System  is mainly used for to heating all kinds of bars such as the steel bar,aluminum bar and copper bar.No matter the size of the bars.YuanTuo furnace company specialized in manufacture different types of the bar induction heating system for the bar process industry. Now i will share some information about the bar induction heating system from YuanTuo furnace company.

The features of the Bar Induction Heating System:

1.Wide range application.The bar induction heating system is suitable to heat all kinds of bars ,no matter the size and the metal materials.

2. Advanced  IPC system: Powerful functions including the display of the current working parameters status, work piece parameters memory, storage, print, fault display and alarm and so on.

3.Strong recipe management function: Powerful recipe management system–after selecting steel grade,slab parameters, this system can automatically call the relevant parameters, no need to manually record, check, input required parameters for various work piece.

4.Saving energy and no pollution.

5.Operation easy,Worker can lean  to operate the equipment in short time, no need special training.

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Post time: 07-05-2016