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Slab heat treatment equipment for sale

Slab heat treatment equipment for sale

Heat treatment is a kind of metal heat processing technology, which is the material in the solid state, through the means of heating, thermal insulation and cooling, to obtain the desired microstructure and properties.The slab heat treatment equipment is mainly used to heat treatment the slab.Forever’s slab heat treatment equipment is equipped the advanced induction heating technology which has many advantages.

 The working process of the Slab Heat Treatment Equipment:

1.Automatic Feeding System: The workers put the slab on the storage rack and sort well,then the automatic feeding system will transmit the slab  to the parallel roller.

2.Induction hardening:With stable running speed of the driving system,the transmission system will deliver the slabs  into the induction heating furnace.The infrared thermometer will monitor and control the slab  temperature automatically in the processing of preheating–temperature measurement–warming up–temperature measurement.After  slab  temperature reaches to the target temperature, then slab will be cooled in the cooling device.Then the transmission system will deliver bars to the feeding system to wait for next heat treating.

3.Tempering System:The slab  after hardening processing will be transmitted to the induction heaters for reheating to the target temperature under the infrared thermometer control.Then the slab will enter the cabinet to preserve heat.After delaying the heat preservation time,the straightened slab  will be delivered to the parallel rollers.

4.Automatic Discharging System:The slab  will be transmitted to the discharging system for natural cooling.

5.Inspection and Storage.After the heat treatment for the slab,the technical team will check the slab quality later the good quality slab will send to the warehouse for sale.

Also Forever can manufacture other induction heat treating equipmentas customers’ requirement,please feel free to contact with us.

Post time: 08-04-2016