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Some introduction of the induction tempering

                                       Some introduction of the induction tempering 
Induction tempering equipment is the equipment  which adopt the induction heating technology to heat the workpiece after heating to a temperature below AC1, thermal insulation for a certain time, and then cooling to room temperature heat treatment equipment.

Induction tempering is generally followed by induction quenching, the tempering purpose is under:

1.The elimination of residual stress in the workpiece quenching to prevent deformation and cracking;

2.Adjusting the hardness, strength, plasticity and toughness of the workpiece, to achieve the use of performance requirements;

3.To stable organization and size, to ensure the accuracy of;

4.Improving and improve the processing performance. Thus, tempering is the last important step to obtain the desired performance of the workpiece.

YuanTuo furnace company’s solutions are now mainly used in automotive manufacturing and automotive parts industry.
Generally speaking ,induction tempering equipment to a member of the tempering only need about 10 seconds, and heating furnace need several hours. The reason for this gap is that induction heating directly produces heat in the interior of the material, and it is only where the heat is needed.
Therefore, induction tempering equipment can be directly integrated in your production line, in order to increase production, increase the flexibility and save space.
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Post time: 07-07-2016