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Stainless steel medium frequency heating furnace

Induction heating equipment is the current market commonly used metal steel heat treatment processing equipment, specially for stainless steel bar, stainless steel pipe, stainless steel and other metal steel heat processing. Stainless steel medium frequency induction heating machine is widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation and other fields.


Hebei has a number of domestic mature induction heating equipment manufacturer, of which YUANTUO Electromechanical is a famous manufacturer of Induction heating machine in the north of China. It provides more types of equipment with better quality and a wide range of choices for users. So how much is a set of stainless steel medium frequency heating furnace in Hebei Province? YUANTUO Xiaobian will introduce to you.

Influencing factors of Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical price

1. Quality and price

Quality can fundamentally determine the price of metal heating equipment. The price of high-quality equipment will not be too low, because the selection of materials for high-quality equipment is better, and the technical cost of investment is also higher. Therefore, the total manufacturing cost will be more, and the use effect will be better, and the profit value for the investment enterprise will be higher. On the contrary, the price of poor quality equipment is low, At the same time, the working performance is not satisfactory, and there is not much profit to speak of.

2. Manufacturers and prices

The price of induction heating equipment provided by manufacturers with different strength and nature is also different. The stronger the manufacturer is, the more mature the production process is, and the manufacturing cost of the equipment will be reduced. Therefore, the price is affordable. In addition, the equipment price of direct selling manufacturers is cheaper than that of agents, because the latter mainly makes profit by earning price difference, while the former directly sells the equipment to the first user Medium.

3. Brand and price

The price of induction heating equipment with different brands is also significantly different. The price of international brand equipment is generally higher than that of domestic brand equipment; while the price of domestic large brand equipment is generally higher than that of some unknown small brands, because the larger the brand, the better the performance of stainless steel intermediate frequency heating furnace, More perfect, can protect the interests of customers from all aspects, so although the price is higher, but can create more late profits for users.

4. Market and price

Market changes always affect the price changes of YUANTUO electromechanical equipment. When manufacturers compete fiercely, the price of equipment is low; when the competitiveness decreases, the price of equipment will increase accordingly. In addition, the higher the price of steel, the price of the equipment will also increase, because its main raw material is steel.

Hebei YUANTUO’s price is favorable

The price of induction heating equipment produced by Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. is the most affordable. The manufacturer has a professional R & D team and place of production. From the design and manufacture of the equipment to the later sales, repair and maintenance, our company is responsible. There is no price difference between the middlemen, which can save part of the circulation costs. Secondly, the manufacturer has strong production capacity and mature technology. In addition, the factory has strong production capacity and mature technology Since the establishment of the factory, we have been providing economical and affordable induction heating equipment for customers. We sell high-efficiency equipment at a low price to ensure its high cost performance. For the specific price information of stainless steel medium frequency heating furnace, you can call YUANTUO electromechanical service hotline, and YUANTUO mechanical and electrical professional technical engineer will answer for you.

As a well-known heat treatment furnace manufacturer in China, YUANTUO electric and Mechanical Co., Ltd. will provide complete equipment and low price to ensure that every user can buy the ideal medium frequency induction hardening furnace and obtain greater economic profits. It is very trustworthy!

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