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Steel ball hot rolling induction heat furnace

Hot rolling of steel ball is an important process before steel ball rolling. After the metal bar is heated to a certain temperature, the plasticity is improved and the denaturation resistance is reduced, which can improve the quality and production efficiency of hot rolled steel ball. The hot-rolled steel ball of the hot-rolled steel ball production line is a new rolling process technology. It is a technological breakthrough in the ball milling ball manufacturing industry. It is gradually replacing the cast ball and ordinary forged ball.FOREVER electromechanical Xiaobian came to talk about the hot-rolled steel ball production line of FOREVER electromechanical company.


Main equipment composition of rolling steel ball production line:

1. Storage rack and automatic feeding conveying device.

2. Induction heating furnace and temperature control device.

3. Steel ball cross rolling mill.

4. Steel ball lifting conveying cooling device.

5. Isothermal quenching device.

6. Trolley type or online mesh belt tempering furnace, automatic control system for quenching temperature, quenched water outlet and tempering temperature.


There are two main reasons for the high quality of rolled steel balls in the hot rolling steel ball production line: the first is the rolled products, and the metal fibers are streamline; The second is grain refinement after rolling. These two points are also the reasons for the high impact toughness and tensile strength of steel balls. The rolling production of hot rolling steel ball production line is rolling steel balls with good labor conditions. If induction heating and automatic loading and unloading production line are adopted, the labor conditions will be greatly improved. It reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the working environment.

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