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Steel ball hot rolling mill production line

After more than 20 years of research and development of induction heating equipment, the technical indexes of the Steel ball induction forging furnace produced by FOREVER electromechanical have reached international standards.FOREVER electromechanical steel ball hot rolling mill production line has many cases and is exported to many countries and regions. Professional engineers customize the suitable steel ball hot rolling mill production line according to your requirements.


The production line of steel ball hot rolling mill works in this way:

1. After the raw materials enter the factory, the material and diameter shall be tested.

2. The steel ball blank is heated to the appropriate temperature in the induction heating furnace before rolling.

3. After the red hot billet is fed into the steel ball mill, it rotates between two rolls with special spiral pass, and is continuously rolled into steel balls. Each steel ball mill can roll 40 ~ 120 steel balls per minute.

4. When the rolled red hot steel ball is cooled to the quenching temperature, it immediately enters the on-line heat treatment equipment for quenching. After quenching, it is cooled to the appropriate temperature (below 50 ℃) and enters the on-line continuous tempering furnace for stress relief tempering, so that the steel ball can obtain high and uniform hardness.

5. After the qualified products are packaged, they are sent to the finished product warehouse and sent to the customer.

The production line of steel ball hot rolling mill has the following characteristics:

1. Impact hardening, soft inside and hard outside, layer by layer hardening, uniform hardness gradient distribution.

3. High density uniformity

4. Automatic feeding control, improve the degree of automation and reduce the labor intensity of workers;

5. Induction heating, environmental protection, no pollution, uniform temperature and high production efficiency;

6. The ball rolling mill adopts cast steel semi closed frame, with good rigidity and no deformation




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