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Steel ball production equipment for hot sale

Steel ball production equipment for hot sale

As one professional manufacture for  induction heating system for the steel ball equipment,YuanTuo furnace company not only can supply the high quality induction heating equipment and induction heat treating equipment also provide the  complete steel ball production equipment.

Generally speaking, the steel ball production equipment include the following parts:

1.Power cabinet,

2.The automatic feeding system.

3.Induction heating furnace.

4.The skew rolling mill.

5.The Rolling mill reduction box link actuating arm.

6.Heat treatment quenching system.

7.Closed  cooling machine

8.The other parts.

Our company  will be quality products, excellent after-sales service with you one after the completion of a high standard  steel ball production equipment .More information,please refer:

Post time: 07-11-2016