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Steel ball rolling heating furnace manufacturer

Hebei YUANTUO mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional design and manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research and production. The quality of the main products of YUANTUO mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has achieved excellence and can stand the test of different users. You are welcome to visit and guide the production and discuss the hot rolling equipment business of steel balls.


Hot rolled steel ball is a new rotary cutting technology, which is a technological breakthrough in grinding ball manufacturing industry, and is gradually replacing cast steel ball. Steel ball rolling heating furnace is a kind of fully automatic steel ball production equipment, which is suitable for producing steel balls of various materials, such as medium carbon steel and manganese steel. It is widely used in mining, steel plant, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, thermal power plant and other industries. It is equipped with energy-saving and environmental protection induction heating equipment and traditional equipment to form steel ball automatic production line.

Main production process of ball rolling heating furnace:

1. The raw materials shall be tested for material and diameter after entering the factory.

2. The billet of steel ball is heated to a proper temperature in the rolling furnace before rolling.

3. After the red hot billet is fed into the ball mill, it rotates between two rolls with special spiral pass and is continuously rolled into the ball. Each ball mill can produce 40-120 balls per minute.

4. When the red hot steel ball is cooled to the quenching temperature, it will immediately enter the on-line heat treatment equipment for quenching. After quenching, it will be cooled to the appropriate temperature (below 50 ℃) and enter the on-line continuous tempering furnace for stress relief tempering, so that the steel ball will obtain high and even hardness.

5. The qualified ball rolling heating furnace is packaged and sent to the finished product warehouse for delivery to customers.



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