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Steel ball spiral heat treatment production line

Nowadays, compared with forged steel balls, hot-rolled steel balls have high production efficiency, high degree of automation and reduce the links of human operation. They have the characteristics of high overall hardness, dense organization, no loss of roundness, no breakage, no deformation and high cost performance.


1. Specification of spiral ball heat treatment line: Φ 20-150mm

2. Application fields: various metal mines (gold mine, copper mine, iron ore, molybdenum mine, alumina mine), cement plant, power plant, steel slag plant and other grinding industries.

3. Process flow:

Raw material inspection — medium frequency furnace heating — rotary cutting ball — quenching treatment — tempering treatment — testing — packaging

4. Features of steel ball spiral heat treatment production line:

The crushing rate is less than 1%, and the crushing resistance is more than 15 times that of general cast balls.

High impact toughness: the impact toughness is greater than 15J / cm2.

The overall hardness is high and does not deform. The steel ball does not deform and lose its roundness all the time.

Compact organization, high cost performance and obvious cost saving.


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Post time: 04-01-2022