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Steel Ball Hot Rolling Heat Treatment Production Line

Compared to forged steel balls, steel ball hot rolling equipment nowadays have higher production efficiency, higher degree of automation, and fewer manual operations. They have the characteristics of high overall hardness, dense structure, no loss of roundness, no breakage, no deformation, and high cost-effectiveness.

Application areas: various metal mines (gold, copper, iron, molybdenum, alumina), cement plants, power plants, steel slag plants, and other grinding industries.

Characteristics of steel ball hot rolling furnace :

The crushing rate is less than 1%, and the crushing resistance is more than 15 times that of ordinary cast balls.

High impact toughness: The impact toughness is greater than 15J/cm2.

The overall hardness is high, without deformation, and the steel ball never deforms or loses its roundness.

Dense organization, high cost-effectiveness, and significant cost savings.

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Post time: 04-02-2024