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Steel bar hardening and tempering induction furnace

In the face of the development of the new era, in order to develop the economy, it is necessary to focus on the real economy, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry and energy-saving and efficient high-strength Steel bar quenching tempering equipment. This is a new era of induction heating heat treatment equipment combined with innovation. Intelligence, high productivity, high efficiency and convenience, combined with environmental protection, and powerful work ability are beyond imagination!

In the traditional sense, for old-fashioned steel bar quenching and tempering heat treatment furnaces, the definition of terms is usually large and difficult to maintain, which is very troublesome for users. During maintenance, it is necessary to dismantle the structure and transport equipment. However, energy-saving and high-yield steel long bar quenching tempering machine will overturn your needs. As the name suggests, this concept is a one-stop production line equipment that can be used at any time. It does not require on-site installation and layout, reduces space occupation, and is easy to move and flexible. It is very suitable for modern users’ on-site work requirements for heating, heat treatment, and high productivity.

1. Multiple configurations to meet your needs

The steel long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace integrates various systems such as feeding, loading and unloading, conveying, feeding, heating, and discharging. There are various configuration schemes that can meet any user’s requirements.

2. Cost saving, efficient and stress free

The new structural design, with motors and electrical components imported from abroad, can save 25% -30% in power supply. The overall operation is stable, the discharge is stable, and the operation is convenient. The PLC intelligent control system is in the entire process, without the need for on-site manual operation. The intermediate frequency heating and tempering heat treatment equipment makes the entire heat treatment process more convenient, efficient, and pressure free production.


3. Overcoming venue limitations and exploring a broad market for induction heating equipment

The centralized design using models is based on a complete production line, overcoming on-site limitations. Various narrow heat treatment locations can be directly installed in this location for rapid work. In addition, its widespread application in materials has also opened up a broader market space for it.

The convenience, high yield, and diverse configurations of steel bar hardening and tempering induction equipment exceed your imagination. If you need to know about the steel bar quenching and tempering induction equipment, please contact us promptly.

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