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Steel bar heat treatment decarbonization and preventive measures!

steel bar continuous heating processing, can effectively improve the economic value of steel rod, performance and so on, but in the heat treatment process is also a risk, today the small editor to talk about steel rod heat treatment decarbonization and preventive measures!

Decarbonization is a phenomenon that the carbon content on the surface of steel rod decreases during heat treatment. The essence of decarbonization is that carbon atoms in steel produce methane or carbon monoxide at high temperatures to the atmosphere in the furnace, such as hydrogen or oxygen. Decarbonization is the result of atom diffusion during heat treatment, on the one hand, oxygen diffuses to steel, on the other hand, carbon diffuses outward in steel. The decarbonization layer can be formed only when the decarbonization rate exceeds the oxidation rate. When the oxidation rate is very high, there is no obvious decarbonization phenomenon, that is, the iron produced after decarbonization layer is oxidized into oxidized skin. Therefore, a deeper decarbonization layer can be formed in a relatively weak oxidation atmosphere. The decarburization layer of steel bar consists of full decarbonization layer and partial decarburization layer (transition layer). Partial decarburization layer refers to the structure of steel with normal carbon content after the whole decarburized layer. In the absence of serious decarbonization, sometimes only part of the decarburization layer does not have a complete decarbonization layer.

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