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Steel bar heat treatment production line

The steel bars and other bar materials processed by the Steel bar quenching tempering equipment have no deformation, cracks, high hardness, and good quality. The induction heat treatment equipment used in Forever Electromechanical Manufacturing mainly includes various specifications of round steel and steel pipe heat treatment furnace , quenching and tempering production lines for metal workpieces such as steel plates, plates, leaf springs, and steel, as well as various specifications of bar material quenching and tempering production lines.

The functional characteristics of the Forever Electromechanical Steel Bar Heat Treatment Production Line:

1) Implement full computer control, with all process parameters stored in the PLC. The operator only needs to call up the corresponding process parameters and start the system.

2) Friendly human-machine interface allows operators to operate easily without training, and product quality is not related to the operators.


3) The steel long bar induction hardening and tempering furnace has fast heating speed, no oxidation and decarburization, and high heating efficiency.

4) Low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency.

5) The steel bar heat treatment production line is easy to operate, flexible to operate, and highly automated.

The reason why users choose the steel bar heat treatment production line manufactured by Forever Electromechanical Equipment Factory is because, according to user requirements, the induction heat treatment equipment such as the steel bar heat treatment production line developed and manufactured by us can be additionally equipped with automatic feeding machine, discharge machine, discharge separator, and closed cooling water circulation system. Provide users with professional and efficient medium frequency induction heating equipment solutions for free; It has powerful pre-sales and after-sales services for quenching and tempering heat treatment to ensure the quality and normal operation of the user’s steel bar quenching and tempering production line.

Our company also has many other machines: steel bar hardening and tempering production line 、Steel ball induction forging furnace 、steel tube induction preheating furnace 、medium frequency furnace  、steel billet induction reheating furnace 、metal heating forging furnace 、square billet heating furnace and so on. 

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