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Steel bar induction hardening equipment

It has rich experience and practice in the design, process, manufacturing and management of Steel bar quenching furnace. Be familiar with the connotation of induction heating and the perfect combination of technology and equipment. The steel bar induction hardening equipment has independent intellectual property rights in terms of core technologies. Modern office, high-quality talents, welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the company and negotiate business!



Brand: FOREVER Electromechanical

Diameter: 20~150 mm

Length: 2~20m

Material: carbon steel alloy steel

Non standard professional customization

Power requirements: 80-5000 kW

Quality standard: after heat treatment of the equipment, the yield strength, tensile strength, hardness, elongation and impact performance of the workpiece can meet the standard

Steel bar induction hardening equipment conveying roller table: the included angle between roller table axis and workpiece axis is 18-21°, The workpiece is fed at a constant speed while self transferring to make the heating more uniform. The roller table between the furnace body adopts V-shaped ceramic carrier roller. Ceramic idlers are characterized by good low-temperature activity, high strength, low wear and good heat resistance.

The control system of the whole set of steel bar induction hardening equipment is fully automatic controlled by PLC, equipped with industrial touch screen or industrial personal computer. In an independent control cabinet, Siemens PLC can provide process control of all mechanical actions and heating work status, time control of all operating conditions, operating modes, moving signals, control and record of all process data, and record of all operation errors of induction quenching equipment from the beginning of operation. Strict level management system, equipped with one button restore system. Corresponding language switching is provided according to different countries and regions.


Post time: 12-26-2022