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steel bar induction heating furnace manufacturer

The process flow for steel bar induction heating furnace is:

The steel rod is placed on the vibration platform of the feeding rack and pulled onto the feeding roller track through an automatic feeding mechanism. The feeding roller driven by a stepless DC motor drives the rod into the inductor for induction heating. The continuous induction heating equipment for steel bars applies penetrating heating to the steel bars.

What makes the steel Bar induction heating system produce calmly under environmental supervision?

1. The device has multiple display functions, such as current display, voltage display, and time display, which make the working condition of the device intuitive and provide more guidance for designing induction coils and capacitor adjustment.

2. Ultra small size, light weight, movable, occupying less than 1 square meter, saving customers 10 times the production space;

3. 99% full load, 24-hour continuous working capacity;

4. Especially when heating non magnetic substances such as stainless steel, copper, industrial silicon, aluminum, etc., the melting speed is fast, the material elements are less burned, and energy consumption is more than 20%, thereby reducing costs

5. High power, fast heating, high efficiency, and easy operation have improved the electrical conversion rate, saving equipment energy by more than 20-30%, thereby reducing costs


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