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Steel bar quenching furnace create higher output value

Steel bar quenching furnace is a heat treatment furnace that is specially used for quenching various steel bars and other technical workpieces. As the saying goes, the more we know about it, the more we can know whether it is more suitable for our own production needs.

Because of the non-standard production of steel bar quenching furnace, there are many uncertain factors of equipment. But facing the current market development direction and the relevant national policies on enterprise development, how can we better integrate induction heat treatment furnaces such as steel bar quenching furnace into the development and production of enterprises.

Then, let’s first learn about induction heat treatment furnaces such as steel bar quenching furnace.

Induction heat treatment has higher tensile strength, yield strength and plasticity than traditional heat treatment steel bars. It can fully tap the potential of metal workpieces such as steel bars and improve the service life of products.

1. The initial grain of austenite is refined by rapid heating. Under normal conditions, the grain size of induction hardening steel is about 2 grades finer than that of traditional heat hardening steel. The mechanical property of fine grain steel is high yield strength.

2. Rapidly heat the quenched steel to obtain fine quenched martensite. Under the same quenching conditions, the grain size of induction hardening steel is smaller than that of conventional quenching steel, and the martensite obtained after quenching is smaller than that of conventional quenching steel. After high temperature tempering, fine tempered martensite is transformed into tempered sorbite with high dispersion. The tempered sorbite has high tensile strength and yield strength, and is a unique structure of induction heating and tempering treatment of low alloy steel bars, which is difficult to obtain by traditional tempering treatment.

Just because the steel bar quenching furnace is a non-standard product, Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can customize and match the solution of the steel bar quenching furnace and other induction heat treatment equipment suitable for users according to the actual production needs of customers, combined with the advantages of induction heating and quenching, so that it can better and perfectly meet the production needs and standards of users, and create higher output value.

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